Michelin Star Restaurants in the South of Italy

Michelin Star Restaurants in the South of Italy

the South of Italy ranks high for stars***

The region of Campania – Capri, Amalfi Coast, Ischia, Naples & surroundings, ranks third on the podium of the regions with the most starred restaurants (after Lombardy and Piedmont) and, this year, it earns a total of one more star, with 44 restaurants marked with the coveted star of the Michelin 2020 Guide.

Six restaurants with two stars and 38 one star: certainly thanks to an ancient, savory and very rich gastronomic tradition, and also to wonderful views of the Amalfi Coast.

Below we list just some of these restaurants with two Michelin Stars. To experience more than one Michelin starred restaurant, Italy Insight organises Michelin Star culinary tours which combine degustation menus in Michelin star restaurants at a special price with overnight stays and exclusive daytime activities.


Don Alfonso, Sant’Agata

We visit this restaurant for a special menu, exclusive to us, on our Michelin Star Adventure Tour. A place that is much more than a restaurant: Don Alfonso is the temple of Neapolitan cuisine, as well as one of the most historic and famous starred hotels in the area. Here we tell a story of hospitality that has been handed down for generations for over a century: that of the Iaccarino family. The restaurant was founded by Alfonso and Livia, and today it is led by the third generation of the family. Housed in a 19th-century Neapolitan palace, the restaurant is carefully decorated and colored with bright colors – lilac, yellow, orange and pink – designed, they explain, to enhance itself with the natural light of the Mediterranean. Once home to three Michelin stars. It entered right into the history books of the gourmet dishes of Italian cuisine with its Vesuvio di Maccheroni. A “boutique hotel” and an organic farm (“Le Peracciole”, which produces oil, limoncello and many of the ingredients used in the restaurant’s kitchen) complete the offer of this historic place, a symbol of Campania’s gastronomic culture.

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L’Ulivo, Capri

The only 2 starred restaurant of Capri (it has been since 2011), the restaurant led by the young executive chef Andrea Migliaccio (born in 1980) and the young resident chef Salvatore Elefante is located in the Capri Palace hotel, on the slopes of Mount Solaro. We are in the highest part of the island of Capri, and this makes it a place of total peace and relaxation, but also of excellent cuisine, with a menu that takes the Neapolitan flavors and reinterprets them, sometimes winking at an international audience and proposing the classic flavors that tourists are looking for in these parts: Risotto with Neapolitan ragout, Tagliolini with lemon and burrata, raw red prawns, sea asparagus and oyster leaves, Raw seafood, Carpaccio of Buffalo with mozzarella cream, parsley mayonnaise , Tropea onions, raspberries and rustic mustard. All around there are works by internationally renowned artists (from Pomodoro to De Chirico). We visit this restaurant for a special menu, exclusive to us, on our Michelin Star Adventure Tour.

L’Ulivo, Capri | Michelin Star Restaurants On the Amalfi Coast

Quattro Passi, Nerano

Frequented by national and international stars, the restaurant has been run for over thirty-five years by the patron chef Antonio Mellino. Then came his son – Fabrizio Mellino, who grew up next to those stoves. A genuine menu, with vegetables that mostly come from the family garden, and fish that (obviously) comes fresh from the local fishermen. All in a colorful and fun location overlooking the sea. Ingredients put together artfully to recreate “the scent of the Amalfi Coast, the flavor of the bay of Nerano, the color of the Sorrento Peninsula”. The cellar, a labyrinth of volcanic stone tunnels, includes over 1500 labels. This restaurant is also our base to explore the Amalfi Coast on our Hidden Treasures of Amalfi Tour.

Quattro Passi, Nerano | Explore Michelin Star Restaurants South Of Italy


Taverna Estia, Naples

Two Michelin stars for this restaurant started in 1999 by Armando Sposito, and brought to very high levels thanks to the gastronomic work of his son Francesco Sposito. The chef was trained not yet sixteen by his side and, later, at the court of Igles Corelli, and today he safely guides the kitchen of this restaurant, dedicated to the enhancement of the local raw materials, from the countryside to the coasts. A tribute to Campania and its origins (starting with spaghetti and ending with the pastiera), without fear of daring in some creativity.

Taverna Estia, Naples | Michelin Star Restaurants On the Amalfi Coast

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