One to watch: Cappuccini Chef, Amalfi


There is all the brightness and charisma of Natale Giunta in the new dishes that the chef has devised for the Cappuccini Restaurant in Amalfi, bringing to the Amalfi Coast his innovative and original cuisine, rich in technique and Mediterranean flavors. Once again the whimsical and ingenious look of the volcanic chef has resulted in an extremely representative proposal of his unmistakable style, which looks at southern food with a note of madness in the tradition.

So much lightness and summer fragrance, a successful alchemy between the Campania of resident chef Claudio Lanuto and the Sicilian from the Palermo Chef – who presented to the press and guests attending the evening , a new summer menu that brings to the table the colorful atmosphere of the Amalfi Coast. In perfect Natale Giunta style, the new proposal is the harmonious synthesis of two regions rich in original ideas, of which the chef has emphasized the freshest and most summery notes.

A lot of Sicily but also a lot of Campania in these new dishes with a fresh, colorful and Mediterranean mood, which satisfy taste and sight, with the added value of a unique location that offers a real emotional and immersive experience, in line with the philosophy of the chef from Palermo, always a spokesman for a simple but innovative style of cooking that does not upset the raw material but translates its essence into tasteful emotions.

“Combining my Sicily to Campania – says Natale Giunta – has meant creating an intriguing combination of two kitchens with a strong and decisive character, but that in these dishes have found the right balance, without ever dominating one another but at the contrary exalting each other. In my kitchen there is never a shortage of lemons, basil, spices, the freshness of seasonal vegetables and a raw material that recalls southern Italy. All elements that with the chef Lanuto we have translated into original dishes with a clear reference to summer, the sea and the sun. A proposal that is certainly modern, but which has also left ample space for traditional dishes and those that are most representative of the Campania region ”.

And to give guests an even more modern gourmet experience with a typical summer atmosphere, the dishes on the new menu can also be accompanied with a selection of fresh and light cocktails, prepared with the essences and flowers of the Convento garden, in line with the most current Mixology trend.

The menu signed Natale Giunta, and debuted June 18, 2019, in the splendid setting of the NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento in Amalfi, in a fresh and colorful atmosphere that recalls summer dinners on the terrace, between lemons, spices and bougainvillea and where in addition to dinner you can spend the ritual of the aperitif and after dinner enjoying one of the most beautiful views of Amalfi. On request, even a romantic Love Table in a more exclusive and reserved area of ​​the restaurant or a convivial table by the pool.

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