How much should you tip on a private yacht charter?


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How much should you tip on a private yacht charter? And how do you leave a tip for the crew? That’s something almost every yacht charter guest wonders at some point – perhaps you are a newbie to chartering or you may be a repeat superyacht charter guest. The general guideline is to tip between 10% and 15% of the charter fee, according to MYBA (the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association), although it is completely discretionary and your tip should absolutely be proportional to the service you received during your yacht charter. Any tip of course should be given at the end of your charter, where it is customary to hand it directly to the Captain. If your trip was fantastic (and why wouldn’t it be?) it is also nice to leave a personal note telling the Captain how wonderful the crew was and any other feedback – this is always appreciated both by the crew and of course the Owner of the yacht. The Captain will then distribute and split the tip between the crew members. The crew works as a team, and the Captain will always reward them as a team. Many crew members are involved in the operation of your yacht, from stewardesses refreshing your cocktails, to the deckhands setting up the slide for you. While it may be tempting to leave some crew members a more generous tip, it’s not recommended – It is advisable to slip the entire tip in an envelope and hand it directly to the Captain.

As a general rule of thumb, ultimately, it’s up to you on how much to tip. Most guests, though, base it on the quality of service. But remember: Most crew members are working 16- to 18-hour days, and a tip rewards them for all that hard work and service.